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with all due respect, that's a bunch of ma larky. >> and why is that so? >> not a single thing you said is true. >> mr. vice president, i know you're under a lot of duress. i think people would be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> tough talk tonight from two candidates fighting to get the last word. verbal fireworks at tonight's vice presidential debate. and elation and disappointment as one of the area's baseball teams lives to
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play another gaday. the a's out, the giants can they go all the way? >> the green and gold gone. the oakland a's magical playoff run came to a painful end with a brutal loss to the detroit tigers. >> this is not the field of dreams fans were hoping for. in the end the a's were struck down fby the tigers. surprise still felt by a's fans. >> that's right, a lot of sad faces here tonight in the parking lot, quiet as a mouse. but this a's team no reason to hold their heads, tonight they have 36,000 fans behind them. before the first pitch, a's fans fired up and ready to take on the detroit tigers. some even buying tickets for the next series. >> very optimistic. >> really love, and they have the energy they need to win. >> a must win game for both
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teams. >> as a tiger fan, i have a hard time rooting against the a's. >> the a's didn't have a lot to care about early on in the game. the tigers managed to put six runs on the board by the seventh inning. leaving the a's scoreless opinion in the final inning, the fans still hanging on to hope that the a's could pull off a miracle. >> i haven't counted them out yet, we have to go to work in the morning. we're going to try to get a start on it, and listen to it on the radio. >> by the eighth inning, the a's faithful started heading for the parking lot. >> we're leaving because last night we left in the top of the ninth inning, we figure if we leave now we'll give the a's some luck. >> the a's could not pull out a miracle in game five, but the fans still love their team. >> we're disappointed, but we're so proud they came this far. we're definitely proud they came this far. it's a disappointment, but it's okay, there's always next year. >> now we're looking forward to
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the next series, go giants. >> go giantses. >> and good job today. of course. >> we tried hard, went pretty far, but, you know, we got to support the giants now. >> reporter: that seemed to be the overwhelming theme here tonight, a lot of fans i talked to plan to go across the bridge and cheer on the giants. >> let's go to kate longworth, live at the stadium with how the tigers pulled this off. >> reporter: certainly a bittersweet winning for the athletics. the players told me there are no regrets, all season long they truly gave it their all. tonight they just ran up against great pitching, and tigers had the offense to back it up as austin jackson singles in the seventh, part of a four-run seventh inning for detroit. and justin verlander proved why he's one of the best in the games. a complete game vutout, strikes
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out 11. as the a's magical run comes to a close. >> definitely been the greatest experience of my career playing this year for this team these guys. and i have no regrets, went out there, played hard. just a magical performance over there on the other side. >> 25 guys, this coaching staff, and 25 guys plus. i guess you could say single handedly brought baseball back to oakland. there's decent people keeping out the oakland a's. i'm proud to be a part of that. >> and so the a's season comes to an end. but baseball goes on. here in the bay as the giants do something no baseball team has ever done before. we're going to take you to cincinnati for the celebration. and although the a's lost tonight, there was still a celebration here in oakland. they walked off the field today
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to a sellout crowd giving them a standing ovation, and the players told me that was one of the classiest things they ever experienced in their careers. reporting live at the coliseum, kate long worth, nbc bay area news. >> they certainly deserved it, that's for sure. it was a bummer night for a's fans, giants fans are celebrating all day. even at some inopportune moments. that's nancy pelosi, when she puts her arms up, and gives the final score of the giants game. she's not the only fan. we'll have more for you in sports. the a's battled to keep their postseason hopes alive, joe biden battled paul ryan. to keep president obama's hopes alive. the vice presidential debate, everything the obama romney matchup wasn't. it was fiery, animated and a good old fashioned political
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brawl. we have team coverage for you tonight. steve handlesman shows us the best of the debates. some fans tried to juggle both of those events. >> we did a pretty good job with election day less than one month away. some a's fans made watching that debate a priority. tuning in to that spirited exchange while monitoring the score. a's fans cheered on the big game. fans could also tune in to the vice presidential debate. >> it's cool, i can't hear it, though. >> my eyes are going back and forth. so many tv's here. >> he plans to watch joe biden and paul ryan later. >> over at the white hills in oakland, the family is watching baseball and politics. >> we wanted to watch both the debate and the ball game, we love the a's, and it's so season to be in the postseason, the
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debate is also important. >> diego provided a's highlights he caught on the phone. >> i was on the phone while they were watching the debate. >> the baseball game turned out to be a disappointment, but the debate was full of action. >> this is spirited and focused, and i think it was a stronger debate from both people tonight. >> i really liked hearing both of them talk about how their faith impacted the world and their values. >> with the election day a few weeks away, the presidential campaign is the game to watch. >> i feel like it's important that we need to pay attention. >> while some a's fans say they recorded the debate and they will watch it later, according to twitter, there was a lot of interest in the event. some 3.5 million tweets went out as the debate unfolded. reporting live in oakland, jean ellie nbc bay area news. >> for those who watched the
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debate game live, it was feisty and informative. was it a game changer? the fireworks from danville, kentucky tonight. >> they differ sharply on all the big issues, these are both smart well informed politicians. paul ryan and joe biden might both be happy with how that came across tonight. >> a long time democratic insider versus a republican young gun whose ticket has new momentum. mitt romney was watching, barack obama too. martha raddich with abc. >> it's because the president has no credibility on this issue. >> we will not allow the iranians to get a nuclear weapon. you're going to go to war, is that what you want to do? >> we want to prevent war. >> what about mitt romney saying 47% of americans feel entitled to government benefits. >> i think the vice president
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very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. >> i always say what i mean. >> what about the obama stimulus. the recovery. job growth in september was slower than it was in august, and august was slower than it was in july. we're heading in the wrong direction. >> 5.2 million new private sector jobs. >> was it a good idea to spend taxpayer dollars on electric cars in finland or wind mills in china? >> this is what we needed to stop us from going off the cliff. >> can a middle class tax hike be prevented? >> it's not math matticly possible. >> it is. it's been done before. it's precisely what we're proposing. >> biden smiled a lot. ryan a debate rookie kept his cool. >> did ryan add to the romney momentum or did biden get the
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obama campaign back on track? now the pollsters go to work, as they try to digest this second debate. from danville, kentucky i'm steve handlesman, nbc bay area news. a heyward girl who disappeared 24 years ago. find out how investigators made that discovery. plus, struggling students losing money to financial aide fees they did not expect. see how some are profiting while others are paying the price. and the space shuttle endeavor on the move again. coming up, we'll show you the trek to get the shuttle to its final destination. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. we're seeing the system we've been tracking now for days, finally moving off to the south and taking some of that rainfall with it. we're tracking that and we'll have details on one of the coldest nights in quite a while coming up in a few.
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she disappeared 24 years ago, her parents have been looking for her ever since. tonight the parents are hoping to find out answers about their daughter who vanished when she was just nine. and they want to know, sadly, if she was the victim of the speed freak serial killers. investigators say dna testing is being done on a bone fragment pulled from the lyndon well back in february, to see if it belongs to the heyward girl. they say the fragment belongs to a child between the ages of 5 and 14. that determination may never
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have been made if it wasn't for the family of the child who's remains were identified. the mother decided to have the bone fragments retested. they were mixed with the remains of at least three other people. >> what mrs. shelly wants is to be certain that if any other family members loved ones were contained with her daughter in the well, she wants to be certain that they have their child back. >> if she's been there, if this is mikayla, they were it breaks my heart that she's laying in that place for all this time. >> it's going to be a painful way for mikayla's mother. the results of the dna test could take several weeks. the price of a college education is daunting. we're talking about classes, books, tuition costs. many students have financial aide, but even that comes at a cost.
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stephanie troung is here with more. >> it sounds counter intuitive, that students who apply for financial aide are the ones who need the help most to get by. many banks charge debit card fees for students to get their financial aide money. we're taken a look at one company who is the biggest player of its kind in this campus debit card industry. making about $88 million last year on student fees alone. >> the bills keep coming. >> for this father of three, every dollar counts. >> i don't like losing money. >> but this 36-year-old is losing money from an unlikely place. the debit card he uses to access his own financial aide money. they felt it was their only option. >> we don't have another choice. that's how we get our money. >> do you think that's fair? >> no. no, it's not. >> traditionally, financial aide money was season the to students
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in the form of a paper check, 100% the school's responsibility and on the school's dime, that's all gone. paper checks were costly. >> in some cases, probably anywhere from $7 to $12 to $15 per check many. >> an expense of roughly $300,000 saved for schools. part of a growing number of campuses nationwide using a middleman to take care of getting the cash to students in the form of debit cards from banks and financial firms. like higher one. >> we were saving a lot of money by going to this. while still servicing the students and getting their money to them faster. >> the convenience factor for students is a reason why the schools are using higher one. >> it's the one and only option. >> what's problem? >> one of eight of students in the united states who receives
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federal aide receives it through higher one. >> consumer advocate john fox is with cal perks. higher one made $88 million last year just on fees incurred on the debit cards. there are more than 100 california schools using higher one, 15 of them in the bay area. the most prevalent charges include 50 cents every time a student swipes with a pin at a merchant. and a minimum $2.50 for using a nonhigher one atm plus whatever fee that atm charges. this is the only atm serving 11,000 students, who say thend up using this, forced to use a nonhigher atm and pay fees. >> they're going to give you no choice but to add to their profit. >> this is federal aide we're
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talking about, federal taxpayer money. >> students are not required to open up a higher one account to receive their financial aide. if they open an account with higher one, there are absolutely no hidden fees. our charges are competitive with national and regional banks around the country and students are required to read the pop-up disclosure of the fee schedule before they are permitted to open an account. all the information is up front and no nonsense. higher one also says the deposit into a personal bank account can happen as fast as 24 to 48 hours, students told nbc bay area it took much longer. >> it was about five days difference if i remember correctly. >> it a wait he just couldn't afford. in august, the federal deposit insurance corporation announced it had settled with higher one after accusing the company of deceptive and unfair practices for excessively charging students if they had overdrawn
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their funds. higher one agreed to pay back $11 million to about 60,000 students. the fdic also fined the company $110,000. higher one says such a small penalty delineates its cooperation and the charges. critics argue higher one is just a small slice of a bigger not so pretty picture. >> there are other players that do similar or worse practices than higher one, we really want to see the whole area being more regulated. >> school administrators say they're teaching their students to be responsible and financially literal. >> we feel we're training students towards the future. >> students would prefer to skip that lessen. >> it doesn't seem morally correct. >> especially since he's taking out loans and paying interest on them to go to school and support his three children. >> they're making money off of what i pay interest on. do they need to make that much
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money? >> higher one is not the only company out there charging fees. it's such a growing issue, they issued a statement to students this fall. >> thank you, stephanie. fall is definitely here, dreary outside. i hear changes could be on the way. let's check out with jeff ranieri. >> we have dramatic changes in the 7-day forecast. the system is finally starting to kick off to the south. the good news it's taking some of the heavier rainfall we had well off to the south as well. gilroy picking up the highest totals, nearly an inch there. menlo park at 1300. san jose coming in at 900. we have dry conditions from the north bay all the way down to the south bay. but we still can't even rule out a little drizzle here as we continue through tonight.
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the big story at this hour, the current temperatures in the 50s in santa rosa, also in livermore and san jose. even close to some 40s, not quite there yet. los gatos close to 50 degrees. let's get a look right now, you'll be able to find they got a dusting here, anywhere from 2 to 4 inches, not enough to open, but get those skis ready, if this latest weather this week is an indication of what's coming our way, it could be a wild ride here this fall and winter. back in san francisco, not cold enough for snow, but definitely, the temperatures dropping in low level moisture, we will have some of that fog developing at the coastline. let's get you into the next 48 hours. we have a system we were tracking the next couple days, finally moving off to the south. and here comes another storm system, it looks impressive on the satellite loop. as this continues to get closer, we're going to find this breaking apart. no heavy rainfall with this one here as we head throughout friday and saturday. it's going to continue to beef
11:21 pm
up that fog, right up against the coastline, temperatures from the 50s to 60s from about bodega bay all the way down to pacifica. it kicked up the wind and we'll find a 35% chance of shower. nothing major expected to come our way. for tomorrow morning, you're getting up early, around 7:00 a.m., widespread low cloud cover, not even for the coastline, back in the interior valleys, down into the south bay, as we head throughout the afternoon, we do expect a little bit more sunshine than we had for today. more of a filtered sunshine situation, it's going to look at least a little better, as we head throughout saturday morning. we're going to find a few showers approach into the north bay. as for tonight, we talked about the cold, look at this, temperatures drop into the 40s in san jose, 48 in gilroy, 48 in santa rosa, 50 in oakland. one of the coldest temperatures could be on the grapevines in napa with 46 degrees. decent rebound for friday, with temperatures going slightly warmer, with the anticipated sunshine by the afternoon.
11:22 pm
we're hoping for low 70s in the south bay. 71 in pleasanton. 74 in fairfield. no 73 for you now. 65 expected, 68 in santa rosa, and 50s in bodega bay. 80s saturday and sunday inland. and yes, it's going to get hotter, 7-day forecast, as we head throughout tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week. temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. >> about a 30 degree jump. >> again. >> i know. >> it's crazy. >> i know. >> if i can control it, i would. >> what a great ride. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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ho ho ho ♪ green giant political fireworks in the south bay today, chuck reid was accused of illegally funneling
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$100,000. >> the police officers association filed a complaint since the mayor violated state law. the money was left over from funds that were raised to support pension reform measure approved by voters in june. he calls the complaint a political stunt and says the contribution was perfectly legal. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. yes on thirty-eight.
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not many athletes are more superstitious than baseball players. so consider this. a handful won the same street clothes after the games three and four with the reds. they have to make baseball history. no team has ever come back from an 0-2 deficit by winning the last three games on the road. that's exactly what buster posey and the giants did today beating
11:28 pm
the reds. matt cain gets a win, sergeo romo gets the final out, and the save. and the g men advance to the nlcs. >> it was a fight, they didn't make it easy on us. our staff came up with some big pitches when they needed to. it's a great feeling. this is a top one for me, being down 0-2 and seeing the resolve, all these guys had. it was a lot. >> we're a grinding team. we scrapped it out, very energetic. high strung, and it shows in our play. man, i'm proud of our team. >> got me again. >> he got me too. >> and the a's incredible ride came to a halt in oakland tonight. last season's cy young award winner pitched a shutout as the a's fall to the tigers 6-0 in game five of the american league division series. oakland allowed four runs in the
11:29 pm
seventh inning alone. the a's fans treated the team to a well deserved standing ovation. >> that was -- that's part of the whole night. went from just kind of -- i mean, the season's over, and to get out there and see them one last time. >> i just want to -- thank all the fans, they did a fantastic job. their support even after this loss tonight was nothing short of fantastic. >> you couldn't ask for more from the crowd. all i can say now is i hope to see crowds like that every game next year. >> congratulations to the a's, they gave their fans much to cheer about. the 49ers announced they're going overseas. they'll play jacksonville at wembley stadium. ah.
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on the move "endeavour" on its final mission. look at the space shuttle leaving lax, it's going to take two days traveling two miles an hour on a carrier. to make the 12 mile journey to the science center where it will arrive saturday. it will be displayed vertically, ready for liftoff. thanks for joining us tonight.
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>> jay: hey, terry. thanks for coming. >> oh thanks, jay. 49th time i've been on your show. >> jay: wow. >> actually, i was on this show when i was 10 years old. the old "tonight show." >> jay: yeah. >> we just won our pop warner championship and they had me on. >> jay: this is you when you were 10? >> yeah, yeah. what do you think? pretty good, huh? cute kid. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno,"

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